WISPA2020 Attendee Information

WISPA2020 In-Person | $399.00 (members), $599.00 (non-members)

WISPA will host a limited attendance event, WISPA2020,  October 20-22, 2020. WISPA has chosen a hybrid in-person and live stream format. Sessions will be held at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The limited Registration will open Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, at 1 pm eastern time. All in-person attendees will be required to practice social distancing and wear a mask. Attendees will be split into various session rooms, socially distanced, with a 50 person limit per room. Session titles and description are listed below.  


*WISPA strongly encourages each company to register only 1-2 people to allow everyone a fair opportunity to attend the in-person WISPA2020. 


WISPA2020 Live Stream | $399.00 (members), $599.00 (non-members)

WISPA2020 is a virtual gathering of leaders, professionals, and product vendors in the Fixed Wireless Broadband Industry. Learn, gain a monumental amount of knowledge from leading professionals, stakeholders, and WISP businesses of all sizes. With a well-rounded event agenda that is solely focused on the WISP industry, attendees gather for 3-days of in-depth panel discussions, technology innovation and important regulatory updates.You can also interact with product and service vendors from the industry via both video and text-based live chat. Trust us, you'll walk away with resources, new skills, and an optimistic excitement for your personal professional goals, and the industry!

Preliminary Sessions are subject to change.





   Mergers & Acquisitions

In these uncertain times maybe you should sell or maybe you should buy the guy next to you. Or maybe merging with someone is a good option. This session will cover what to look for when buying or selling.



   Spectrum Update

What is new in Spectrum that will effect you?


   Funding in the COVID Era

FCC, USDA, Congress, School districts, States, Counties all have funding programs to get broadband built to the people that need it. This session will cover some of those programs and how you might be able to take advantage of them.


   Scaling Day-to-Day Operations

We are all busier then ever so what are some tips and tricks to... scheduling employees, installing customers faster and managing projects better, etc?


   Pros & Cons of Building and Owning Your Fiber Network

We are all getting into fiber, but should you build your own or ride someone else's. This session will look at it from both angles.


   Helping schools and communities get service fast

Hotspots, Free service and other best practices to help the most the fastest.


   The WISPA website: Getting the most out of your membership

A walkthrough of the key points of the website and where to find the resources you need.


   COVID - Impact on your business

COVID has changed the world for better and for worse, this session will discuss some of the changes and how to adjust your thinking to help your business grow during these times.


   Building an Effective Wireless/Fiber Hybrid Strategy

Wireless needs fiber, fiber needs wireless. What is the right balance and what are the best ways to use the right tool for the right job?


   Scaling/Training your work force

You need good employees and you need them now. This session will cover how to find those good employees and then how to train them quickly. Things might not be perfect, but it will get things going.


   Why market when I can not keep up with sales already?

The title says it all. But really, why do I need to market when I already have more people wanting service then I can keep up with? This session will cover the benefits of marketing during already high demand.


  Managing your work force

Work from home, COVID, and overtime can all add a layer complexity to your workforce. This session will cover some of those things you need to think about and how to not loose your mind.


   Tomorrow's Wireless - A new Hope      

Fiber/wireless companies are moving to fixed wireless, but why? What is coming in wireless? How are the advances in wireless going to change the fixed wireless offerings?



   Policy Priorities

There is a ton going on in DC from the FCC to the USDA to the Hill. What is coming that you should know about and how is Wispa helping?