Regulatory Guidance Documents and Webinars

Federal Support
Path to Gigabit, Full Webinar Recording, 3.24.21
Understanding the FCC's $3.2 Billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, Full Webinar Recording and Slides, 3.5.21
Preparing Your RDOF Longform: Questions, Full Webinar Recording, 12.15.20
USDA Grants Programs - Helping WISPs Connect and Grow Webinar, 10.13.20
Available Funding Opportunities for WISPs, Full Webinar Recording, 10.5.20
Regulatory Guidance Digital Opportunity Data Collection Proceeding, 9.24.20
Understanding the RDOF Application and Bidding Process, Full Webinar Recording, 6.25.20
Getting Your Financial House in Order for RDOF, Full Webinar Recording, 6.25.20 
Top 10 Things You Can Do to Protect against Government-subsidized Overbuilding, Full Webinar Recording, 8.16.19

Regulatory Guidance Memo, First Report & Order and FNPRM, 5.9 GHz Band, 2.5.21 
Forming a Bidding Consortium for the upcoming C-band Auction, Full Webinar Recording, 9.9.20
6 GHz Update, Full Webinar Recording, 8.27.20
CBRS Technical Study, 4.29.20
Regulatory Guidance for Seeking Emergency STA for the 5.9 GHz Band, 4.6.20

What Broadband Providers Need to Know about the New COVID Relief Package, Full Webinar Recording, and Slides, 1.7.21

Capitol Hill
What the 117th Congress Means to WISPs, Full Webinar Recording, 1.14.21
WISPA Post-election Political Report, Full Webinar Recording, 10.24.20

Overcoming Siting Challenges, Understanding Federal Law on Wireless Siting, Full Webinar Recording, 2.13.20
Tower Contracting Best Practices,Full Webinar Recording, 6.18.19

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Fireside Chat, Full Teleconference Recording, 4.24.20