Principal Membership


Principal Membership

A Principal Member is a "WISP"; an Internet Service Provider that Utilizes Fixed Wireless Terrestrial Wireless or other Technologies to Distribute Broadband or Related Internet Protocol-Derived Services. Section 1.2, WISPA Bylaws. 

A person or business that operates a wireless information service defined in Section 1.2 of the WISPA Bylaws. Principal Members may have other types of business interests and still meet the criteria to be a Princcipal Member. 


Associate Membership

By action of the Board of Directors, any individual or organization may be appointed as an Advisory Member, who shall not have any voting rights. Advisory Membership is the only class of membership that does not require the payment of dues. 

The board of directors shall have the sole authority for determining which class or classes of membership are available to an individual or business entity. Should an individual or business entity be determined by the board of directors to be eligible for more than one class of membership, said person or business entity shall choose which one of the classes it desires to belong to and shall have the rights and responsibilities of that membership class.