WISPA represents WISPs and the underlying ecosystem which enables them to deploy hybrid broadband solutions to millions of Americans across the country.  To a great extent, WISPs rely on both unlicensed and licensed spectrum to deliver broadband to their customers, meaning a large portion of their operations is regulated at the Federal level.  This, as well as other policy interactions, means that for WISPs to thrive, they need to cogently advocate industry policy positions before various legislators and agency policymakers, both federally and in the states.
WISPA’s advocacy focuses on encouraging legislators and government officials to write laws and rules which support the survival and success of the rapidly evolving WISP industry.  More specially, WISPA's legislative and regulatory priorities have four primary objectives:
  • Balanced spectrum approaches, ensuring that small and rural providers have a fair shot at accessing airwaves that are critical building blocks for fast, reliable broadband.
  • Targeted subsidy programs that expedite broadband deployment to unserved locations in a technology-neutral and cost-effective manner.
  • Fast and fair access to infrastructure for broadband deployments no matter the location, whether Federal, state, municipal or private.
  • Keeping small businesses competitive by ensuring regulatory burdens are appropriately calibrated for those who have the least ability to shoulder them.

If you'd like to know more about WISPA's policy work, please contact Louis Peraertz, VP of Policy, lperaertz@wispa.org; and Matt Mandel, VP of Government Affairs, Grassroots and PAC, mmandel@wispa.org.

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