Member Health Insurance

Affordable. Accessible. Flexible. 

WISPA is excited to announce in partnership with AHPA WISPA sponsored health insurance plans for employers, as well as individuals and families.


WISPA Sponsored Health Insurance Plans

WISPA Sponsored Level Funding Health Insurance


The Level Funded Health Plan is governed by the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and provides nationwide PPL network coverage through several insurance providers. Benefits include: 

  • Lower Fixed Costs: Most businesses realize immediate monthly savings

  • Lower Claims Costs: If claims are lower than expected, you would enjoy even greater savings

  • Limited Risk: Stop-loss insurance protects you against individual or total claims exceeding your annual budget. 

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WISPA Sponsored Affordable Choice Individual Health Plan (Individuals & Families)

The Affordable Choice Plans pay a set of daily benefits for covered services, regardless of what your provider charges, services include inpatient benefits, hospital admission, doctor office visits, outpatient medical benefits, emergency benefits, surgery benefits, Teladoc, and Karis360. Benefits include:

  • Affordable: Choose from four (4) plan options that fit your budged

  • Accessible: No Cost/Quick Online e-application

  • Flexible- Keep your own doctors, choose from individual or family coverage and access network discount. 

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Members may also log in and access the members resource file for additional documentation regarding WISPA sponsored health insurance plans.