Best Practices Committee

The WISPA Best Practices Committee (BPC) provides usable, up-to-date information and guidance on industry best practices in common areas of application to the Membership.  It utilizes Members' own experiences, expertise and understanding of relevant topics, which can be applied in part or whole to ongoing operations and are generalized in a manner that can be adapted to any size operation.  Critical to the BPC is input from the membership, both Principal ISPs and Vendors, on topics which can be easily understood and directed to day-to-day operations.  

Create and deliver usable, actionable, clearly understandable deliverables and tools to assist Members in the fundamental working operations of their business.

WISPA Staff/Co-Chair - Richard Bernhardt, Senior Director, Spectrum & Industry;

Latest Content
6.7.23 - Webinar with Leverage Social on Marketing and Sales Strategies and Techniques (members only; login required)