Attendee Refunds


We were all extremely disappointed at having to cancel WISPAMERICA 2020. Events have proven that this was the right decision, but that has not made the aftermath any easier on any of us. We would like to thank you for the patience you have shown as we here at WISPA have been working out how we would deal with the financial fallout from this choice.

Today, FCC Chairman Pai announced that he is planning on making 850 MHz of new unlicensed spectrum available for WISPs in the 6 GHz band. This is directly due to WISPAs advocacy and will have untold positive effects for our industry. You rely on WISPA for work like this, and for support and education in a time of national crisis.

But the reality is that WISPA is at a crossroads. Cancelling WISPAMERICA put a significant dent in our revenue and means we may have to scale back the efforts that brought you those benefits. But we can continue, with your help. Please consider contributing some or all of your attendance fees and know that you've contributed to the organization that has already and will continue to fight for you. We've put together a variety of options for you below. Regardless of which you pick, thank you for continuing to support our industry.

We would like to thank the WISPs and vendors that have already stepped up and pledged all their already paid registration fees to help us continue with the work we do on your behalf every day.

Thank you for being a part of WISPA and this terrific industry.


We applaud companies that have already declined refunds, and in some instances are donating above and beyond. These actions exemplify the true heart of the WISP Industry and is what makes this association great in the first place. 


As you know, WISPA depends to a great extent on the revenue derived from our conventions to operate not only our shows but also our regulatory and legislative advocacy in Washington, DC.  This work is important toward maintaining the viability of our industry, and each dollar that we lose here means fewer resources for us to tell your story and help keep this industry vibrant and growing.


WISPA would like to thank the following vendors and attendees during this difficult time. 


The following have forgone any refund for their WISPAMERICA 2020 fees.

An additional Thank You to those who have also placed an additional donation to the association. 

We applaud you!

Vendor Companies

Auto Industrial Solutions bda WISPR Systems
Broadband Enterprise

CCI Stytems
Live Oak Bank

IPpay, LLC

PacketFlux Technologies

Ping Marketing

Platypus / Tuscows
SAF Tehnika

Solaris Technologies Services

WAV, Inc

   Attendee Companies


Aeronet Wirelss Broadband Corp


Airlink Internet Services 

All Points Broadband 

AlignTec Inc 

Alsat Wireless 

Alyrica Networks

Apps Communication 


AW Broadband 

Aroostook Technologies Inc. 

Bee Creek Communications Inc 

Bluebird Network 

Business Wifi Solutions, LLC 

Cable One 

CloudWyze, Inc

Computer Dynamics / JCWIFI 

Conifer Communications 

Connected Nation 

Country Wireless 

DFT Communications 

Diamond Communications 

DMCI Broadband LLC 

Echo Wireless Broadband 

East Carolina Broadband 

Encompass Texas LLC 


Fiber Wave, LLC 


GigaBeam Networks 

GoZone Wifi 

Grand Country Internet Services 

Hiawatha Broadband Communications 

Imagine Networks

ISP Management, Inc. 

Joink, LLC 

Hudson Technology Solutions 

Imagine Networks 

Kainos Technologies, LLC 

KanOkla Networks 

King Communications Services


Lit Benicia 

LR Communications 

Lukas, LaFuria, Guyierrez & Sachs, LLP

Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC 

MetaLINK Technologies, Inc


Midwest Data Center

Midwest Internet Exchange 

Minnesota Wifi 

Mobilcomm dba 

Montana Internet Corporation 

Netwurx, LLC 


New Era Broadband, LLC 


Northwest COmmunications Cooperative Association

Novae Enterprises 

On-Ramp Indiana, Inc 

Plains Internet 

PlusOne Online 

Prairie Hills Wireless LLC

RTC Communications Group

Rini ONeill

Rise Broadband
Router12 Networks LLC

Samsung Networks 


SJP Network Solutions IT Support 




Sundial Communications, Inc 

Telpage, Inc 

Teltech Communication 


TMN, Inc / Cirra Networks 

Utah Broadband 

VTX1 Compainies 

Walker and Associates 

Watch Communications 

Wireless Etc.

Wireless Expertise, LLC 

Windhorse Capital 

Wisper ISP

Wisper ISP + an additional donation 


Zirkel Wireless 

This list will be updated periodically. 


As you know, we have had a strict no-refund policy regarding cancellation of tickets, booths, sponsorships and related fees paid to WISPA regarding attendee and vendor participation in WISPAMERICA. Since the event was cancelled, and in light of the extraordinary events surrounding the spread of COVID-19, we are modifying this policy for WISPAMERICA 2020 only. In order to be eligible for a refund, a WISPAMERICA 2020 attendee must request a refund request through the WISPA website. And, in order to minimize administrative burden on WISPA staff, entities seeking a refund must submit their request by April 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM EDT. Refund requests occurring after that date will be denied.