News of Note — DragonWave / Clearwire Edition

Sam Churchill says that Clearwire accounted for 80 percent of DragonWave‘s sales last year. When Clearwire arrives in your area, it will come with a massive backhaul.


The NY chapter of the Internet Society held a talk on a plan to surround the U.S. with fiber.

A survey of the fastest ISPs in the US ignores the ISPs that are small businesses and also shows that despite the hype, ILEC fiber is not that much faster than cable broadband. Another report suggests that fiber subscribers are happy with lower bandwidth plans.

A fascinating list of Google’s acquisitions hint at a strategy that is not yet public (h/t Frank Coluccio).

The Femto Forum announced its annual awards (h/t Frank Coluccio).

A free Wi-Fi planner.

Data usage by smartphone users varies widely — an average of 298 MB per month even though many use less than 1 MB.

Foursquare, the strangely popular privacy invasion masquerading as a social network, has a security hole. The company just received an additional $20 million in venture funding.

With the .XXX TLD on the verge of approval, a new report says that non-porn sites have more malware than porn sites.

One reason the U.S. is behind on broadband is that monopoly ISPs spend money on the wrong kind of innovation.


The government will auction 500 MHz of spectrum (h/t Tom DeReggi). Competition would be better served by license lite. The government believes that broadband will improve the economy (h/t Victoria Proffer), but competition, rather the allocation of government resources to privileged investors at discount prices, is surely the correct way forward.

We have to hope that government policy is not set by a few corporate lobbyists.

Here’s how the broadband stimulus is working in NYC (h/t Joly MacFie) — any news where you are? Also, if you have medical enterprises as customers, you might want to help them obtain rural health money.

What does your community need (h/t Matt Larsen)? The FCC wants governments to passed 20 million users in the USA.

The FCC is rolling out its own speed test website.

Google, the company we previously applauded for standing up to China, appears to be not so courageous in the latest reports. Here’s Google’s own position on the issue.

The EU opened comments on a plan for net neutrality (h/t NB).

Missed this from some time ago: some grade schools are now teaching engineering.

Victoria Proffer and others attended a regional wireless summit in Missouri, and she met FCC Chair Genachowski.

The EFF is challenging a for-profit group’s P2P lawsuits.

Time Warner Cable wants the state of North Carolina to ban community fiber.

St. Louis endnotes

I’m looking for more members who would like to do member profiles. Contact me off list. I strongly believe that the most valuable story I can write for WISPA is your story. No story is more helpful to other WISPA members.

I’m looking forward to the WISPA Regional Meeting in St. Louis and checked in with local members on the important question of food. Personally, I don’t know much about the St. Louis style of barbecue but I hear it’s quite good. There were many on-list recommendations, but the most authoritative came from Victoria Proffer, who refers members to this publication’s Best of St. Louis series. Most will skip straight to the best barbecue article. The nice thing about barbecue is that it’s great food and is affordable — just check out the menu. The magazine also recommends this “food” blog: STL Hops.