Find a WISP

Looking for a Wireless Broadband Provider in your area?  Use this tool to search for WISPs by City, State and Zip Codes.  Make sure you look in areas near your location as often times a WISP's office is located in a town nearby.  

If typing in a Zip Code, use the bottom field which says "Enter a zip code to find fixed wireless broadband service from a WISPA Member company."  Click on the button above to continue.

You can also check the Member Directory/Maps to see WISPA Member companies in your area.  

Updated November 12, 2014


The map below is an approximate representation of our WISPA Members service areas by zip code.  This map represents over 7000 zip codes in the US that are serviced by Wireless ISP's.  Please click the map to key in an individual zip code or state to find a list of companies who provide broadband in that area.


WISP reported Broadband Coverage by Zip Code (Click for larger map) September 2013

 Disclaimer: All  reported zip codes may not be covered in its entirety.  Zip codes in heavily forested areas, extremely large zip codes and zip codes in a hilly or mountainous area are difficult to cover.  However, some wisp coverage may extend into zip codes that were not reported.  Please check with the Find-A-WISP search engine to find WISPs in adjacent zip codes and check with those companies to see if they can provide service to your address.

If your WISP company is not represented on this map:

  1. Your company may not be a WISPA Member.  Please Join!
  2. Your company is a WISPA Member but has not reported the zip codes that are serviced by your company.
  3. Your company is a WISPA Member but are located outside of the US.  We hope future enhancements will include other countries.