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ICYMI: WISPA Annual Board and Member Meeting

Today the WISPA board took a number of actions to move the organization forward.

First, consistent with the wishes of the membership, it appointed Garth Nicholas to the seat vacated by Jimmy Carr. That seat has one year left on its term. Congratulations Garth!

Second, the board elected officers as follows:

  • Nathan Stooke - Chair
  • Brian Young - Vice Chair
  • Garth Nicholas - Treasurer
  • Todd Harpest - Secretary

Congratulations to all our new officers!

Third, the board voted to disband several defunct committees, recharter two committees, and charter two new committees. The board disbanded the following committees:

  • Black Tie Awards
  • Executive Search
  • Association Management
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • Disaster Committee

The board rechartered the Policy Committee (formerly the FCC Committee) to focus on federal policy needs of the organization, both legislative and administrative. The board also rechartered the Government Affairs Committee (formerly the Legislative Committee) to focus on the strategic implementation of the outputs of the Policy committee. The board also created two new committees, Education and Best Practices. The former will focus on the educational needs of our members outside of the major trade shows, and the latter will develop a set of non-binding technical best practices to help our smaller members grow more quickly and efficiently.

Forth, the board adopted a revised set of bylaws, which cleans up the old bylaws. It fleshes out the positions of Chair and Vice Chair, moves the board meetings to quarterly, as well as other technical edits. I've attached the revised bylaws.

A lot of movement, but there is more to come. WISPA's committees will need dedicated volunteers to drive our organization forward. Please let Nathan and me know if you're interested in chairing on one of the existing committees or new ones!


Claude Aiken

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