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WISPA Statement on CTIA-CCA proposal in the CBRS band

The Competitive Carriers Association (CCA) and CTIA on April 20 submitted a proposal to the FCC to auction Priority Access Licenses (PAL) in the CBRS band based on Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) in the top 306 Cellular Market Areas (CMAs) and county-based areas in the remaining 428 CMAs.


WISPA strongly objected to this proposal, issuing the following statement by WISPA President Claude Aiken to the media:


With 24 million Americans still unconnected to the digital economy, there is no higher priority at the FCC than finding ways to bridge the digital divide. Fixed wireless technology is the most cost-effective way to make FCC-benchmark broadband service available to unserved consumers, and census tract licenses in the CBRS band are crucial to the future of fixed wireless service in rural America.


WISPA is thus disappointed that efforts are continuing to be made to shove aside the interests of rural America, take over the “innovation band,” and turn it into a “same ol’ thing” band.  


In fact, WISPA today sent a letter to the FCC in the CBRS matter, showing that T-Mobile and AT&T have each submitted “erroneous and misleading analysis” to the FCC in making their case against census-tract-sized licenses. In contrast, the mobile-only "compromise" filed on Friday, advocating larger-sized areas for Priority Access Licenses, would effectively put up a “large bidders only” sign at the door and turn away innovators and small operators serving rural Americans.


If CBRS is to remain a viable new tool in the spectrum tool kit to support a wide variety of use cases and deployments, it is critical that the FCC retain census-tract-sized Priority Access Licenses.


WISPA will continue to work with our members and allies to make our voices heard on this issue.

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