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WISPA Hails CBRS Initial Commercial Deployment

Washington, DC, September 16, 2019 – This afternoon, the FCC announced approval of five SAS administrators to begin initial commercial deployment (ICD) in the 3.5 GHz, CBRS Band.  The following quote, which is in a larger CBRS Alliance press release (linked below), may be attributed to Claude Aiken, president and CEO of WISPA:


“We can’t create new spectrum, but we can invent new ways to use it more efficiently. Of course, that reflects the history of the wireless industry, of continually innovating to get more out of finite radio spectrum so more can use it,” said Claude Aiken, president and CEO of WISPA. “Today, after years of hard work and development, initial commercial deployment (ICD) of CBRS shared spectrum is a reality. We want to thank all those individuals for their magnificent efforts to make that happen. And the FCC, too, for seeing the promise within this underutilized CBRS band, and then nurturing the process to completion. With CBRS, new networks and, perhaps more importantly, a new manner of using spectrum, has been born. From this, the equipment makers, services and Internet providers will spring into action, helping more Americans – including those in unserved and underserved areas – obtain high-speed services through robust dynamic sharing of the 3.5 GHz band. Congratulations to all! WISPA is proud to be a small part of this tremendous, groundbreaking success. We are excited for the future this will bring and trust the CBRS sharing model can be employed elsewhere in the radio spectrum, freeing it up for more efficient use by hungry wireless consumers.”


CBRS Alliance press release here.



WISPA’s approximately 800 members are composed of fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and the industry that supports fixed wireless broadband, including equipment suppliers, support services, and other components needed to run a successful business. Our members, and WISPs, in general, provide broadband access to over 4 million residential and business customers, often in exclusively rural areas.



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