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CBRS: We Need Every WISP to Join in Making Our United Voice Heard!

As you know, WISPA and our allies are working to block the mobile industry’s demands to erect barriers to our sector in the CBRS spectrum band (3550-3700 MHz).

Since the FCC voted in October to reopen the CBRS rules, we have:

·         Generated more than 120 comments by WISPA members to the FCC, a record number for us;

·         Discussed the issue at length with several FCC commissioners and their senior staff;

·         Raised awareness among influential members of Congress;  

·         Collaborated with a broad coalition of allies;

·         Placed numerous articles in the media; and

·         Reached thousands of people with our message on Facebook and Twitter.

Judging from these headlines and others, people are getting the message:   

·         “Trump's FCC Could Undermine His Promise on Rural Broadband,” International Business Times, Jan. 19

·         “FCC Rule Change Would Harm Rural Broadband Expansion,” Bloomberg, Jan. 8

·         “Compromise on 3.5 GHz Band May Not Necessarily Mean Larger PALs,” Communications Daily, Jan. 2 (subscription required

·         “WISPA keeps argument alive for not changing CBRS rules,” Fierce Wireless, Dec. 8

·         “Google, rural ISPs fight wireless giants over swath of airwaves,” Politico, Oct. 23 (subscription required

How can you help?  

  • Read the FCC notice of proposed rulemaking, and review your existing and planned CBRS service areas in relation to your nearby census tracts and PEAs, so that you know how the potential changes might affect your company.


  • Post comments on your accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Follow WISPA on these networks; and then “like,” “retweet,” and “share” our posts. Use the hashtag #CBRS; tag @FCC and your local elected representatives; and keep it classy – we don’t need to make enemies. If you would like some help, contact and copy


  • Let WISPA’s DC Team know if you have a strong relationship with your member of Congress, or want to forge one. If you do, please email with the relevant information, so that we can share it with WISPA’s federal lobbyist. 

The CBRS rules as they stand today are a once-in-a-generation opportunity for our industry and the people we serve. We cannot afford to lose this fight. We need every WISP to join with us in making our voice heard! 
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