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WISPA Applauds FCC’s Vote for a Better Approach to Internet Policy


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 14, 2017 

Washington, DC – The following statement may be attributed to Chuck Hogg, chairman of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (www.WISPA.org).

WISPA commends the Federal Communications Commission for voting today to repeal its heavy-handed “Title II” or “net neutrality” regulations.Let us be clear: 

The internet was free and open before the FCC imposed more onerous, one-size-fits-all rules in 2015, and it will be free and open when we return to a lighter-touch regulatory framework.

Our members do not block, throttle, or accept payments to prioritize internet traffic. WISPA agrees that ISPs should clearly disclose their terms of service, disclose their network management practices, and protect their customers’ private information; and our members do. All of this will continue under the FCC framework adopted today.

WISPA appreciates that the FCC took WISPA members’ concerns into account. On several occasions, we informed the commissioners that the 2015 regulations – designed to treat all internet providers like large monopoly utilities and subject them to bureaucratic micro-management – were diverting our members’ resources away from investment in under-served areas. 

Most U.S. WISPs are small and medium-sized businesses serving hundreds of customers in rural areas, with fewer than 10 employees each. When the government imposes new regulations, compliance costs go up, and then our members either have to reduce our investments in our businesses – with negative impacts on our customers and employees – or pass those costs on to customers. 

WISPA appreciates Chairman Pai’s commitment to right-sizing the regulatory framework; and we will continue working with the FCC and other stakeholders to develop public policies that enhance investment and consumer choices in under-served areas.




WISPA is a membership-driven trade association that promotes the development, advancement and unity of the fixed wireless Internet service provider industry. WISPA has over 800 members that support WISPA’s advocacy, education and other collaborative industry initiatives. For more information, visit www.wispa.org.


Media Inquiries: 

Breyana Franklin for WISPA 


Tel: (202) 495-3701 (office) or 301-346-0056 (mobile)
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