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WISPA's First Year with a Full-Time DC Presence

One year ago today, I sat down at my desk and started working for WISPA, excited that I was getting the opportunity to give a voice to the small businesses at the forefront of closing the digital divide and providing competitive options everywhere. What a year it has been.

My goal was to become the voice of those folks who are building broadband in areas with more cows than people, and doing so on their own dime. Hundreds of meetings with policymakers, WISP-friendly policies introduced at the federal level, and more. THAT has been a testament to the power of the WISP story.

My favorite part has been getting out and meeting with members like yourselves. Whether it is climbing a grain silo to see how Brazos Wi-Fi is serving areas outside College Station, Texas, or driving through fields to see how Wisper ISP is planning major expansions into Illinois and Missouri, what you do continues to inspire me. I look forward to meeting even more of you and deepening our relationships this coming year.

We have challenges ahead of us to be sure. But I know that if we stick together and tell our stories loudly and widely, we will continue to make strides for the little guy. I commit to helping you do that. To help make your businesses and communities better and your lives easier. And to make sure you have a seat at the table at WISPA, in DC, and beyond.

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