WISPA Appoints New Committee Chairpersons, Officers and Welcomes Elected Board of Directors

Redding, CA (October 6, 2015) –The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), a membership organization that promotes the development, advancement and unity of the fixed wireless Internet service provider industry, announces the appointment of new Committee Chairpersons and by Alex Phillips, WISPA’s President. The association’s newly elected Board of Directors appointed officers for the organization’s 2015-2016 term.

There are various functions performed by numerous committees headed by the following Chairpersons: Government Affairs, Alex Phillips, Rural Broadband Network Services LLC; Government Affairs Sub Committees include, FCC, Mark Radabaugh, Amplex; Legislative Committee, Chuck Hogg, Shelby Broadband and Elizabeth Bowles, Aristotle Inc.; State Coordinator, Jimmy Carr, All Points Broadband; Promotions, Forbes Mercy, Washington Broadband; Industry Development, Alex Phillips, Rural Broadband Network Services LLC; Industry Development Sub Committees include Vendor Relations, Daniel White, Crossover Distribution.com USA Inc.; Membership, Blair Davis, West Michigan Wireless ISP. Other committee chairs include Budget, Mark Radabaugh; Nomination, Dennis Burgess, Link Technologies, Inc.; Agenda, Trina Coffey, WISPA and Nathan Stooke, Wisper ISP; Association Management, Brian Young, Convergence Technologies Inc.; Bylaws, Brian Young.

WISPA welcomes returning Board members Chuck Hogg and Mark Radabaugh as well as the following new Board members, Blair Davis, Daniel White and Brian Young. They will be joining the current Board members, Dennis Burgess, Forbes Mercy, Alex Phillips and Nathan Stooke.

During the organization’s recent Board of Directors meeting, the following officers were appointed for the 2015-2016 term: Alex Phillips, President; Chuck Hogg, Vice President; Mark Radabaugh, Treasurer; Dennis Burgess, Secretary.

“Each and every role plays an important part in the WISPA organization and I want to congratulate all of the leaders in their new or re-appointed positions,” said Alex Phillips, President of WISPA. “I would like to personally thank all of the members that expressed and interested in a leadership role and appreciate their support of our growing Association."

WISPA is a membership-driven trade association that promotes the development, advancement and unity of the fixed Wireless Internet Service Providers industry. WISPA has over 800 members that support WISPA’s advocacy, education and other collaborative industry initiatives. For more information, visit www.wispa.org.


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