An Important Message from WISPA President Alex Phillips
About Proposed Bylaw Changes

Attention to all WISPA Members:

The WISPA Board of Directors has been working with the ByLaws Committee to update WISPA's Bylaws. The Bylaws are the core of our organization's governance and it was time to update it as well as do some cleanup. Several changes have been made to our Bylaws, the first being simply a correction of technical errors in the wording as well as typos. The second change is specifically related to WISPA Board Term limitations. In this updated Bylaw beginning with the 2018 election we are looking at limiting Board Terms to no more than 4 terms in a lifetime and no more than 2 consecutive terms. The idea behind this is to keep the Board membership fresh and in tune with the membership. Additionally, the term duration has been increased from 2 years to 3 years. This is being done to help with Board turnover and how this can negatively affect the overall management of the organization. With the current structure we have elections with 5 or 4 seats open every other year, by changing to 3 year terms, we will have 3 seats open every year.

The Link for the page is http://www.wispa.org/bylaws and there you can see the current and proposed Bylaws along with a redline of the changes.

The annual meeting will be held Friday, July 28, 2017 at 1:00pm EST.  Members can attend via Go To Meeting.  The link will be sent to the membership at a later date.  The bylaws vote will start immediately following that meeting.

Please review the proposed and red-lined Bylaws documents showing changes so you can become up-to-date on the changes. The Board will be asking the membership to support a vote on these changes at the next election period held later this summer.

Alex Phillips
WISPA President