WISPA Commends Chairman Pai's Proposal to Resolve Underutilization of 5.9 GHz Band

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Today, Chairman Pai announced that he will circulate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking which would allocate 45 megahertz of the 5.9 GHz band for commercial unlicensed use.  Since it will be contiguous with other unlicensed spectrum, this could enable wireless internet service providers to offer faster services to their current customers and expand their service footprints. 

WISPA Welcomes MAPS Act Bill and Mapping Discussion, But Improvements Can Be Made

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The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee held a full committee markup of, among other pieces of legislation, H.R. 4227, the “Mapping Accuracy Promotes Services Act’’ or the “MAPS Act” - a bill which prohibits the submission of inaccurate information to the FCC as it redoes its broadband maps.  Though WISPA is encouraged by the MAPS Act, as well as Congress' interest in creating better broadband maps, the bill could be improved by not promoting the collection of latency and other quality of service information, which is not focused on broadband availability.   

Positive Development - Senators Wicker and Thune, FCC Chairman Pai Call for Public Auction, Etc. for C-band

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Senators Wicker and Thune today released draft legislation that would require a public auction of 280 MHz of C-band spectrum, with FCC Chairman Ajit Pai also noting today that he will seek to auction off 280 MHz of C-band via an FCC run public auction.  The positive developments, especially at the FCC, leave open the possibility that with a few technical rule changes, the FCC could easily and quickly permit new coordinated point-to-multi-point uses in the C-band.

WISPA Statement on House C-band Hearing: Policymakers Must Employ Sharing Too When Freeing Up C-band for New Uses

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Claude Aiken notes that sharing the C-band would go a long way toward meeting the stated goal of lawmakers and policymakers of bridging the digital divide.  It would quickly and cost-effectively help bring service to left-behind parts of America.  And, it would inject new competition to places that lack it.

WISPA Opposes CMA-Level Bidding for Priority Access Licenses

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After carefully considering the details of the CBRS PAL Auctions Procedures Public Notice, WISPA's VP of Policy, Louis Peraertz, notes CMA-level bidding will inhibit participation in the auction by small WISPs and others, meaning WISPA cannot support the Commission’s proposal as put forward.

WISPA Welcomes Court's Decision Upholding Key Aspects of FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom Order

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Today, the D.C. Circuit upheld key aspects of the FCC's 2018 Restoring Internet Freedom Order (RIFO).  Though we are still carefully reviewing the D.C. Circuit’s decision, we welcome its outcome.  The onerous Title II rules, which the FCC adopted in 2015, presented a significant obstacle to deployment for our members, the overwhelming majority of whom are small ISPs serving underserved rural communities.  The RIFO for the most part represents the right approach to these matters – one which keeps inapt, utility regulation away from the Internet, and in doing so, promotes ubiquitous broadband deployment via the light-touch regulatory regime WISPA has favored.