WISPA NEWS FROM 2016 & 2015

Date   Title 
December 16, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Extremely Disappointed by FCC’s Inaction on Small Business Exemption
December 13, 2016   WISPAclips: News from Around the Internet - 12/13/16
December 5, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Raise Concerns About Impacts of AT&T-Time Warner Merger; Call On Federal Authorities to Reject It
November 7, 2016   WISPAclips: News from Around the Internet - 11/07/16
October 27, 2016   Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers Appreciate FCC’S Sensitivity to Small Broadband Providers in New Consumer Privacy Rules
October 13, 2016   Fixed Wireless Industry Poised for Robust Growth and Greater Policy Activism (WISPAPALOOZA Wrapup)
September 20, 2016   WISPA Teams with METAvivor for Pink Day at WISPAPALOOZA
August 12, 2016   WISPA Elects New Officers and Board Members for 2016-2017 Term
August 10, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Applaud Federal Court Decision on Municipal Broadband
July 25, 2016   A Growing Consensus That the FCC Must Change Course on Privacy
June 15, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Welcome Senate Committee Vote to Protect Small Businesses and Rural Americans
June 14, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Disappointed by Court's Decision Upholding FCC Regulations
June 8, 2016   Experts to FCC: Change Course on Broadband Privacy Rules
May 25, 2016   Small Internet Service Providers Applaud FCC Action to Promote Broadband Build-Out in Under-Served Areas
May 19, 2016   New Overtime Rules Affect Small Businesses
March 16, 2016   Wireless Internet Service Providers Praise the U.S. House for Protecting Small Businesses and Rural Americans
February 25, 2016   House Committee Action Paves Way to Progress in Full House and Senate
January 12, 2016   WISPA Asks Congress For ISP Small Business Regulatory Certainty
Date   Title
December 16, 2015   WISPA Hails FCC Decision Extending Small Business Relief
November 20, 2015   WISPA Applauds House of Representatives for Support of Small Business Exemption from New Open Internet Disclosure
October 6, 2015   WISPA Appoints New Committee Chairpersons, Officers and Welcomes Elected Board of Directors
August 13, 2015   WISPA Responds to FCC’s Unlicensed TV Band Spectrum Ruling
June 29, 2015   (Wireless Week) - WISPA: Wi-Fi, LTE-U Coexistence Requires More than Just “Benign Intentions”
June 2, 2015   The FCC’s Extension of U-NII Compliance Deadline Benefits WISPA and The Fixed Wireless Industry
May 19, 2015   WISPA Meets With Policymakers on Capitol Hill
May 12, 2015   WISPA Holds Policy Summit in Washington D.C.
May 5, 2015   WISPA Board Member Appointed to FCC Consumer Advisory Committee
May 1, 2015   WISPA Asks FCC to Stay Title II and Internet Conduct Rules
April 28, 2015   WISPA Files For Court Review of FCC’s Open Internet Order
April 17, 2015   WISPA Applauds the FCC’s New Spectrum Sharing Ruling
March 2, 2015   WISPAmerica 2015 Surpasses Attendance Record
February 26, 2015    Municipal Broadband Ruling by FCC Jeopardizes Private Sector Investments
February 26, 2015     Open Internet Ruling Receives Mixed Reaction from the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association
February 25, 2015   WISPA Comments on the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Hearing
February 10, 2015   FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly to Keynote at WISPAmerica 2015
February 4, 2015   WISPA Urges Regulators to Defer Vote on Net Neutrality Rules
January 21, 2015   WISPA Responds to State of the Union
January 5, 2015   New WISPA Website and Member Portal Coming Soon!