We often receive encouraging words from our members about the work we do and how WISPA has aided their success in business. We invite you to share your membership experiences.

"The response to my request has been overwhelming, this morning it was amazing, response after great response. Because of the strong insistence that Mikrotik is so great we are trying to make it work. Dennis helped a lot by setting up remote sys log using software we already have. We are setting up Network Monitoring, as we speak and we are already catching some culprits that have been causing a little havoc. With our upgrade to 100MB next week we wanted hardware that can handle it, this is a learning process and we’re so happy to have had the help in better understanding networks.

We won’t overreact and just dump Mikrotik but now with the ability to maybe catch what’s causing the problem we can rest a little easier knowing that when it happens, and it will, we can read the log file and hope it’s “something so simple we’ll just kick ourselves”, as Dennis said, we hope so. The offers for help included three members committing to “fly up there this weekend” if we need them, Wow what a great group of people here!

Thanks to everyone for their help, it’s the best of WISPA when everyone pitches in to help a WISP in trouble."

--- Forbes Mercy, President of Washington Broadband, Inc.

"When we first joined WISPA several years ago, the immediate benefit was being able to seek the advice of other WISPA members who freely shared experiences and ways to improve and grow our new WISP venture. Today, WISPA has grown to be much more than that. WISPA has become our eyes, ears, and voice for keeping us informed and speaking on our behalf regarding new FCC regulations and other governmental legislation that could directly affect our business.”

--- Jay Domingue, Radio Communications Service

“It’s more complex that “How Has WISPA Helped Your Business?”. It’s not only Wispa, it’s all move around this organization that helped us. Making relationships that helps one to one and one to many without see if this knowledge is really used only for the need to share it!! It’s fantastic…for now on…THE WISPA MOVE…

Anyway, without these guys I never had found the correct technology to deploy a Wisp without dead trying it… Thanks to all!!

Regards to all from Canary Islands.”

--- Jose Salazar, Servicios Electronicos S.L.

“WISPA has provided focus and glue cementing together the many eclectic interests of the WISP industry. Everything from Business centric urban operators like us to Residential Rural operators. It has also give us the opportunity to have lively discussion but then speak with one voice in an industry that is still quite youthful and not yet under the focus and direction of only larger corporate interests.

Many of us entered this business to solve a pressing need for connectivity that the major players either would not fill or would not cost effectively fill. We do both and WISPA helps us in the process, everything from information sharing to legislative input that we as small independent companies would be hard pressed to manage individually. Perhaps most valuable to me is the fact that many hundreds of smart people are laser focused on what is happening and helping to watch my back working in our enlightened best interest as we grow new capacity for our clients and for the American society at large. According to the Big Broadband report from Educuse the US is falling behind in edge capacity and collectively we help solve this problem, of all network types, fixed wireless is one of the fastest to deploy.

Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to building out KS, MO, TX and FL.”

--- Graeme Gibson, President & CEO of Computers & Tele-Comm, Inc.