Benefits of Being a WISPA Member

WISPA is a trade association of Wireless Internet Service Providers. Most are locally- or regionally-based operators. WISPA’s members share knowledge and other resources with each other to make the industry stronger; often as competitors!

WISPA was founded in 2005 and has steadily grown year-over-year ever since. This growth demonstrates the benefits of our members working together in a community to achieve the common goals of promoting the development, advancement and unification of the Wireless Internet Service Provider industry.

WISPA Member Benefits

Below are a list of benefits of being a WISPA member.

  • Technical Expertise: Glean from shared insights and solutions to both technical and business challenges faced by all in the wireless industry.

  • Engineering staff: Have direct communication access to manufacturer’s engineering staff and get your difficult questions answered for no additional charge.

  • Input: Communicate your needs and wants to vendors for future product development.

  • Community: Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one relationships with fellow operators/providers.

  • Conferences:Take advantage of numerous opportunities for personal growth and self-education during our bi-annual events.

  • Advocacy:
    • Benefit from advocacy teams’ trips to Washington or personally participate in an advocacy trip as a principle member.
    • Receive free advice on how to connect with Local, State and Federal Governmental officials.
    • Get immediate feedback on FCC and Legislative decisions directly impacting your business.
  • Discounts: Receive preferred pricing from Vendor Members’ products and services.

  • Website Resources:
    • Vendor Spotlight page
    • Your contact information in our "Find A WISP" guide
    • Updates of FCC filings and how those directly impact your business
    • Personalized Information
    • Members-only Resources Library
    • Stay abreast of latest industry news


WISPA Vendor Benefits

Below you will find a list of benefits that will increase your business presence in the WISPA community. 

  • Email Blasts: Vendors may post 4 eblasts per year to the WISPA advertisements list. Additional eblasts may be purchased for $250 each, but only one email per month is allowed.  The e-blasts will go out to the WISPA advertisements list.

  • Logo Recognition: Your logo will be placed on the Vendor Spotlight page that will link to your company website.

  • Vendor News: We provide vendor news postings on the WISPA website. This content will be located on the Vendor news page.

  • Committee Participation: We invite you to participate in the various WISPA committees. A list of committees is found on the website.

  • Listserv: WISPA operates approximately 100 lists. As a vendor member, your employees may subscribe to them when they update their personal profiles. There is also a list for each state; these lists are reserved for operating WISPs, government officials and university professors who live or operate in those states.
    • The Principle Members Listserv is an invaluable way quickly to become acquainted with WISPA’s members, their businesses, and more importantly, provider’s business needs. Of the thousands of emails posted monthly, an overwhelming majority are technical or business related discussions and will relate directly to vendor’s products and services.

  • Company Listserv: If you choose to do so, we will also set up a listserv especially for your company (e.g.

  • Banner Ads: You can promote your product or service by placing a banner ad on WISPA's website.  Several sizes and locations are available depending on your budget.

  • Show Discounts: Discounts on booths are available to WISPA vendor members. If your company chooses not to exhibit, you and your employees may still attend by taking advantage of discounted full conference passes.

  • Advocacy: In addition to retaining a Washington, D.C. based legal firm, WISPA’s Board members (both service providers and vendor members) are enlisted for frequent trips to our nation’s capital. During those visits, WISPA representatives appear personally before members of the House and Senate, as well as meeting with top FCC officials. The aim is to insure that our industry’s concerns remain at the forefront of key debates, especially issues related to the Internet itself and spectrum debates that directly impact wireless providers.

  • Vendor Offer: We strongly encourage your company to offer discounts to WISPA members, and we will list your discount programs under the vendors’ offers page.

  • Dues: Upon joining WISPA as a vendor, you may opt to pay dues either quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

WISPA Membership fees

Effective April 1, 2014 the dues schedule listed below will be in effect.

Classes and Qualifications of WISPA Membership.

A. Principal Member. A Principal Member is a person or business that operates a wireless information service as defined in Section 1.2 of the WISPA Bylaws.  Principal Members may have other types of business interests and still meet the criteria to be a Principal Member.

 Annual and Quarterly Dues Only
 No. of Fixed Wireless Subscribers Annual Dues
 (0-100 subscribers) Starter   $125  $1.25
 (101-500 subscribers)  $325  $0.65
 (501-1000 subscribers)  $425  $0.43
 (1,001-2,000 subscribers)  $625  $0.31
 (2,001-5,000 subscribers)  $925  $0.19
 (5,001-10,000 subscribers)  $1,825  $0.18
 (10,001-100,000 subscribers)  $3,725  $0.04
 (100,000+ subscribers)  $5,925  $0.03
 Non U.S.-based subscribers
 $125  n/a

B. Vendor Member. A Vendor Member is any distributor, supplier or manufacturer of goods and services provided to WISPS.

Annual Dues:  $1250  Semi-Annual Dues:  $700  Quarterly: $375

C. Associate Membership. An Associate Member is any individual or business entity that does not qualify for principal or vendor membership.

Annual Dues: $125

D. Advisory Membership. By action of the board of directors, any individual or organization may be appointed as an Advisory member, who shall not have any voting rights.  Advisory Membership is the only class of membership which does not require the payment of dues.

The board of directors shall have the sole authority for determining which class or classes of membership are available to an individual or business entity. Should an individual or business entity be determined by the board of directors to be eligible for more than one class of membership, said person or business entity shall choose which one of the classes it desires to belong to and shall have the rights and responsibilities of that membership class.