past attendee comments

Below are comments from our previous WISPAPALOOZA conferences.

Great, great, great!!!!

Well organized and well attended.  I like the speed dating ice breakers.

I ALWAYS get a lot of information.  It's ALWAYS a good show.  Professional, Relative.  Keep up the good work Trina!!

This was my first time attending. I enjoyed it a lot found it to be very informational.

Great job again this year.  Always look forward to the shows.

Right on the money - great job once again. See you next year.

Very educational!

I enjoyed the conference overall. This was my first visit to WISPAPALOOZA but had heard a lot of good things about it. I LOVED the speed dating, it allowed me as non-technical person to have a chance to talk with "the techies" without having to force a conversation. The sessions overall were great. I feel like I learned quite a bit and hope I get to come back again. I hope that the planning committee really keeps a designated HR track as there are a lot of issues that companies as a whole struggle with

It was really good. I think it was put on great and important for WISP Operators to attend

It was really fun getting to know the other WISP operators and putting faces to the names I am so familiar with from the WISPA email list.

Great session topics, networking, ISP CEO, was well done.  We have problems to solve and vendors to solve them.

Great conference for our industry.  Was very surprised to see so many companies doing things very similar to what we are doing.

Gets better and better each year.

Overall, I feel I learned a great deal, not just from the speakers and classes, but from the attendees as well.  Being in such a specialized organization, we don't often get to talk to other WISP owners such as ourselves until we go to the conferences.

Good job on all the hard work and energy. My first time at WISPAPALOOZA was a good experience.

Having attended half a dozen WISPA shows, I still achieve a sense of wonder for new or more advanced topics. I also come with a more directed approach, knowing what I hope to bring home with me. Of course, the best part is always the networking with colleagues--a recharging of the excitement for what we do for our neighbors in relative isolation. This show achieved all that.

Great event.  It's always good to work with other providers towards a common goal.

My first show I absolutely loved it.  I gained a ton of knowledge and loved meeting new people and sharing ideas.  I love how our industry can get together and participate in these events.   It also helped me step up and meet new people and work on certain skills and ask more questions about our industry.