"It was a very good event from our perspective. Really liked having Exhibit Hall open without sessions taking place at same time. Because of limited resources, we are likely to exhibit no more than once per year. Overall, the event was very well done. The way the conference was structured was the best I have seen so far."

"From a vendor prospective, even though Vegas is a large show, this was the best WISPA event I have ever been to. The venue was perfect, the exhibit hall was excellent, the exhibit time was perfect, attendee participation was perfect. The trip was inexpensive, and travel was easy. I would vote for St. Louis every year."

"I thought it was a very well organized event and we are quite pleased with the outcome. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with many of our existing customers and we had the opportunity to meet a good number of new potential customers as well. The schedule was effective, and the agenda was quite appropriate and beneficial. i thought the food was also great! Good job Trina and entire WISPA team. We are looking forward to Vegas show in Oct."

"I think this show for new business was the best yet. Lots of new companies and not all mom and pop shops. A very good job was done pulling in new business. Will not know for a couple of more weeks but so far it's been better then the Vegas show for us."

"WISPAmerica is a friendly, open and participatory conference that blends industry companies with each other and their suppliers. It is a sponge of sorts...a place to pull in information, suggestions, and direction. Socially, it provides a place to compare notes, see friends and of course make new ones, no matter what their position."