Past Board of Directors Members

Below is a list of WISPA's prior Board of Directors members. We would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication to growing WISPA into a strong association for our industry.

Past Board of Directors

Past Board of Directors

Steve Barnes
Todd Bergstrom
3-dB Networks
Elizabeth Bowles
Aristotle Inc.
Jeff Broadwick
Convergence Technologies, Inc
Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC
Thomas DeReggi
Butch Evans
Butch Evans Consulting
Rick Harnish
Baicells Technologies
Martha Huizenga
DC Access, LLC
Matt Larsen
Forbes Mercy
Washington Broadband
Robert Moldashel
Five Nines Wireless Inc.
Victoria Proffer
St. Louis Broadband, LLC
George Rogato
Marlon Schafer
Odessa Office Equipment
Larry Schriver
Country Connections LLC
John Scrivner
Mt. Vernon.Net, Inc.
Nathan Stooke
Wisper ISP
Jack Unger
Ask-Wi.Com, Inc.
Daniel White
Convergence Technologies Inc